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Project Research - Arogyadham Global Aids Research Foundation

The Trust has a very ambitious plan of developing a Ultra Modern Research Centre with ancient and modern medical facilities specially for AIDS patients, and other chronic diseases.

Details of the Proposed Research Project

Details of the proposed Research Project are as under:

Land:- It is proposed to purchase the land at Delhi-Dehradun Highway. Estimated purchase price has been taken at 5 Crores.

Building & Civil Works:- Cost of construction of the Research Centre has been estimated at 65 lacs.

Machinery & Equipment:- It has been proposed to install State of the Art machinery & Equipments at the Research Centre so that world class treatments may be provided to the patients. Estimated cost of Machine and Equipment has been taken at Rs. 175 lacs.

Furniture & Fixtures:- Estimated cost of furnishing the Research Centre has been taken at Rs. 20 lacs.

HIV Research Project

Vehicles:- It has been proposed to purchase vehicles for Mobile Dispensary and Ambulance etc. at the Research Centre. Cost of the vehicles has been taken at Rs. 50.00 lacs.

Current Assets:- Provision of Rs. 90 lacs have been made for the working expenses of the Research Centre.

Implementation Schedule:

Land Immediately after receipt of grant/donation.
Building & Civil Works The civil work will start immediately after the purchase of the land and it is expected to be completed within One Year.
Machinery & Equipments The order for the purchase of machinery and equipment will be placed immediately and will be installed after completion of the building.
Manpower for Operation It has been assumed that the Research Centre will start operating within one year from the date of purchase of the land

Benefits to the Society from the New Project

  • The above project will provide employment to about 50 human beings.
  • Patients especially of AIDS and other diseases such as Diabetes Mellitus will be treated from all over the world at no profit & loss basis. Prophylactic treatment of AlDS is given 100% free irrespective of caste, creed or religion.
  • A world class research centre will be in the service of the society. The whole society will benefit from the new research.
Arogyadham Global Aids Research Foundation

Research Pappers By Arogyadham Global Aids Research Foundation

Aims & Areas of Operation

Presently the foundation is working efficiently in Western UP, Delhi & Uttarakhand. However, patients from all over the country as well as around the world are treated here.

Research Clause

Understanding of Research in Herbal / Ayurvedic Medicines in future standardization & validation of Natural Herbal Plants.

Up til now on R&D, every year Rs. 10 to 20 Lacs are spent from kind donations in the form of raw materials or medicines which includes free services as well.

The purpose of the foundation are scientific and educational directed towards the advancement of medical (including Ayurvedic) and social theory and practice of AIDS control and treatment methodologies.


It shall endeavour to:

  • Prompt interchange of information in these disciplines and subdisciplines, amongst the specialists and between the specialists and the public.
  • Encourage and assist the professionals engaged in these fields to maintain the integrity and competence of the profession.
  • Foster a sense of partnership amongst the professionals engaged in these fields.
  • Means to meet these ends are the holding of meeting for the reading and discussing of professional papers. the publication and circulation of works of literature, science and art pertaining thereto and any other activities accessory, suitable and proper for the fulfillment of these objectives.

About the organization

Arogyadham Global AIDS Research Foundation is being run as a public charitable trust.

Brief details about the existing Research activities

Presently, Arogyadham Global AIDS Research Foundation has 148.80 Sq. meter land in the heart of the City at Siddharth Colony, Muzaffarnagar (UP). A three storey building has been constructed on the above said land. Market value or the above said land & building is Rs. 50.00 Lacs(app.).

Foundation is running a well-organized Research centre specially for AlDS patients. All the treatments to the AIDS patients are being done without any charges.

Individual programmes are being telecast on STAR PLUS, ASTHA, D.D. METRO, JAIN TV etc. Presently you can see our programmes on SONY Channel at 5:30 am daily and SAB TV at 6:00 am & 7:20 am daily and in U.K. & Europe you can watch "Arogyadham Ek Vardan" at 6:20 am (U.K. standard time) daily on ZEE TV International Channel.